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Survey - clinic


2. What form of urticaria do you have?
2.1 What form, i.e. what is your urticaria triggered by?
3. Have you been diagnosed with histamine intolerance in association with the urticaria?
4. Are there other cases of urticaria in your family (direct relatives)?

Treatment in a clinic (urticaria consultation, etc.)

5. Were you referred to the clinic by the dermatologist or did you search for a clinic yourself?
6. How long did it take you to get an appointment at a clinic specializing in urticaria with outpatient consultations?
7. Have you been examined by a doctor?
8. Did you take pictures of your urticaria to the examination?
8.1 If YES -> Had the doctor also looked at them?
9. Which examinations were performed by the treating physician in case of chronic urticaria?
11. What medication was prescribed at the first visit?
12. Is your medication effective?
13. What was done or recommended if the medication was not enough?
18. Were you offered participation in a study
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